About Sober Contracts, Inc.

Ian first discovered his passion for helping people who suffer from addiction in 2011 when he checked himself into rehab to address his physical dependency to prescription pain medications.  Shortly thereafter, Ian decided to permanently relocate to Orange County, leaving behind a career in investment banking, to go back to school to become a Certified Addiction Counselor.  In 2012, after a few years of working in the field as support staff while attending school, he would graduate from Centaur University in Costa Mesa, CA with a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. In 2013, after completing Intervention Specialist training, he completed his counseling internship and passed the IC&RC ADC exam to become certified by CAADAC (Now CCAPP) and has been working in the field ever since.  As with most interns, fresh out of school, finding a treatment center to work at, in an oversaturated region of the country, during the “wild-west era” of addiction treatment, as an out of towner, was challenging. Several treatment centers were being featured in the local news for illegal insurance practices and marketing tactics. After unknowingly counseling at one of these treatment centers, Ian decided to become self-employed, and contract out to do group counseling sessions only. This would allow him to be able to focus solely on and continue to counsel addicts and families for years to come with less counselor-burnout potential.

Now, after almost a decade in the industry, Ian's combination of experience and youthfulness and empathetic nature and ability to communicate with any human has been proven over and over and is why you are reading this currently. Think of Ian as your new “addict-whisperer”, rehabilitating addicts, and training families.  Ian understands how difficult it can be just coping with basic life functions in early recovery from addiction.  He feels that setting goals, following through with them, and not settling for the limitations of the past, is key in order to achieve long term sobriety.  Today, with the new restrictions regarding Covid-19, Ian has had to revamp his business plan and offer a more online integrated counseling program to his clients. This concept has developed into Sober Contracts Inc. A more virtually accessible version of the services Ian has offered his trusting clients in the past.

A big part of Sober Contracts vision is to achieve non-profit status, in order to provide EVERY American access to high-quality evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment options, extensive information and resources about addiction, as well as prevention and harm-reduction resources. We plan on having direct involvement in the development of national policies surrounding mental health and addiction treatment, advocating for state and federal policies to increase access and funding to evidence-based treatment and recovery programs both locally and nationwide.  Addiction education among healthcare providers is also a big part of our mission, being at a deficit in professional medicine, still today. We advocate for EVERY healthcare provider to be educated and equipped to refer patients to science-based addiction treatment and reduce the patient risk through more responsible prescribing.  In short, our mission is to lead an initiative to transform addiction treatment in America. The action plan includes treatment provider ratings, payment reform, provider transformation, and stigma reduction, public education, and federal and state policy. As well as helping to keep new and proven advances in drug treatment in effect and working with communities to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get the help they need.

Intervention Disclaimer: Ian does not work directly with any treatment centers with regard to client placement. He only works for YOU.  All clients will be screened for treatment eligibility and appropriateness and suggestions can be made.  All interventions will require the participants to coordinate with the admissions department of the chosen facility.